I hate defining myself because I am the kind of person that wants to do many things together.

But If I must choose one definition to put on my business card I would choose : "Interior Travel Guide"

The reason is that I've been always fascinated by the potential of human race.  I find human being  eXtraodinary by nature. 
I've been always exploring what I can do, feel and think in every fields  using both my left and right brain. Why prefer one side when you have two ? 
Hence I've had both an engineer and management diploma and I have been involved in many artistic activities (Photography, graphic design, writing).
So today I have and maintain many professional and personal  identities : An IT professional, a efficient project manager, a creative  entrepreneur, an innovative coach, a social thinker, an inspirational photographer, a keen traveler, a nature lover.  But also a good friend and partner a meme collector and soon a crazy but loving father. 
Being rich is not having a lot of money, it's having and fulfilling  a lot of aspirations and goals. That's what I call : Meeting your eXtraodinary being.
How to afford all of this ?
Through my experiences An excellent time and energy management skills and a deep understanding of your inner selves. (Yes selves and not self) 
That's the purpose of all the services I create : helping you build an eXtraordinary identy(ies), look eXtraordinary, feel and think eXtraordinary by managing your best assets: Time and energy. 
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