Look eXtraordinary..

I started photography many years ago. It's not a bear job, but a lifestyle I practice everyday. I believe that happiest people are the prettiest and  I don't capture moments, I create them. I launched SlimStylish.Photos to help ordinary people look eXtraordinary.

Inspire Yourself !

I launched #InspiringPortrait to coach people in their path to change. This service is a mix of portrait and slefdevelopment coaching that helps ordinary people find inspiration for eXtraordinary changes and projects inside themselves. Click on the button for more details.

Be eXtraordinary

We all have a rich personality but we unconsciously develop only a very small part of it. I created a method to coach people explore and grow the neglected parts of themselves. I am like a travel guide that will help you in the most eXtraordinary trip of all trips : the interior trip.